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How do I clean my furniture?

Due to the weatherproof nature of our furniture, cleaning is a breeze! We recommend regular cleaning to keep it looking new and beautiful. Check out some of our tried and true cleaning options here in our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

crp products faq

Can I leave my furniture outside all year?

Yes! Our furniture is built to last. From the toughest Canadian winters to the hottest Arizona days, our furniture withstands the heat, the cold, and the changes in between!

crp products faq

Is assembly required?

Minor assembly is required. Our production team works hard to preassemble most pieces, but you get to put on the final touches! Most assembly requires a powered drill.

crp products faq

What is my furniture made from?

Universal Services furniture is made from up to 100% recycled plastic. This plastic, which would otherwise be destined for our oceans and land fills, is diverted to our factory, pelletized, and extruded into our unique lumber and component molds.

crp products faq

Is there a warranty on my Universal Services furniture?

We offer a 25-year limited warranty for residential use. During warranty coverage, we guarantee our product to never split, crack, or splinter! Check out our full warranty page for additional details.


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