Remit Bills

Bill Remittance Instructions

For your convenience, you can now pay online through your bank. Please note that this is NOT a payment but rather a notification only of the deposit you made through your bank.

  1. Add "Universal Services" as a payee to your online banking bill payments.
  2. In the "account" field, enter your contract number that is found on your invoice just under your address. It will look like this: 1234-GW-S5
  3. Return to our website and fill in your payment details, specifically your contact information, total amount remitted, invoice numbers and amounts you are remitting per invoice. This will ensure that your payment is posted correctly.
  4. Once you "submit" your information, this form will be emailed to Accounts Receivable for processing.
  5. If you are paying more than 5 invoices, enter the first 5, click on "submit", then follow the instructions on that page to continue.

Remittance Form

Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled out before your remittance form can be sent.


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Invoice Details:  
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