Air Fresheners


Use Universal Services' Air Fresheners to improve the atmosphere of your home or business. Our dispensers use fans to better distribute the fragrances. Fan-driven fragrance machines provide results 24 hours a day, while other methods such as plug-ins, candles, and metered spray cans typically only provide temporary odor cover up, and wear out quickly.

Use Universal Services' air fresheners to deliver a continuous and even distribution of fragrance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Air fresheners are not just for restrooms! A pleasant smelling business, office or store will help you keep your existing clientele and draw in new ones. A pleasurable smelling environment adds to the satisfaction and comfort of your customers. Helping to make it a positive experience! Consider the following:

  • Customers will enjoy themselves more
  • Customers will most be more apt to come back
  • Clean smelling restrooms will be appreciated
  • Customers stay around longer in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere
  • Customers will recommend your business to others

In addition to satisfied customers and clients, think for a moment about your employees. They work on your premises on a daily basis. A pleasant smelling environment will make their workday more enjoyable, resulting in better employee morale and increased productivity. This can carry over to improved customer service.

You can't measure your return on investment by using Universal’s Air Freshener Service, but you can be assured that your customers and employees will appreciate a nice smelling environment. Remember: first impressions are lasting impressions!

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