Urinal Deodorizers


OmniGuard urinal deodorizers utilize an effective and safe cleaner, a tough descaling agent, and a fragrant deodorizing disc to clean, unclog, and freshen urinals with every flush.

OmniGuard urinal deodorizers eliminate the need for urinal pucks which often contain the possible carcinogen paradichlorobenzene (PDCB). The use of products with this chemical results in environmental contamination which will eventually affect the health of humans and other living creatures. This makes OmniGuard urinal deodorizers an environmentally sound and safe choice!

A Universal Services Customer Service Representative will visit your business to carefully replace your OmniGuard unit on a regular schedule. This will ensure your restroom is sanitized & deodorized on a consistent basis, you can forget about taking costly, complicated measures for your urinal care. You’ll be amazed at how effective – and convenient – OmniGuard is for you.

OmniGuard refills are made with fully recyclable plastic, minimizing the waste from each use, they contain no harsh chemicals.

The benefits of using OmniGuard:

  • Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of calculus build-up in pipes and prevents new build-up from foaming
  •   Helps prevent costly plumbing bills due to build-up in pipes
  • Eliminates a major source of urinal odors deep in the pipes and emits a light, fresh scent
  • No tools, tape or screws required for a simple, seconds-only installation; easy refill cartridge for fast, convenient servicing
  • No metal parts to create rust or scratch on porcelain
  • In-Urinal placement discourages vandalism
  •   Contains no paradichlorobenzene, a possible carcinogen and no harsh chemicals
  • Flexible design fits most urinals providing unlimited men’s restroom placement opportunities
  • Good for the earth, refills are made with fully recyclable plastic, minimizing the waste from each use
Design: Larkin & Company