Our professional FLEXCLEAN MOP program is a cost-effective way to manage cleaning and maintenance. Clean mops maximize the efficiency of your cleaning process.

We provide Dust Mop and Sanitized Wet Mop Services to protect your indoor flooring and finishes by keeping them clean and ensuring maximum dirt, water and dust control. Universal Services provides four sizes of Commercial Dust Mops and one Heavy Duty Wet Mop.

Our mops:

  • Effectively remove dust, dirt and water from non-carpeted floor surfaces
  • Are made of an exclusive yarn that expands during processing so the mops attract more dirt and dust
  • Come with durable frames and swivel handles for smooth and thorough maneuverability.
  • Are collected, cleaned and delivered by a professional Universal Services representative on a regularly scheduled basis.

 Only the mop heads need to be replaced on a regular basis to ensure maximal cleaning efficiency. With Universal Services' exchange service you'll always have clean mop heads while reducing the waste associated with constantly needing to buy new mops.

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