Restroom Services


Universal Services FLEXCLEAN program extends to our Restroom/Hygiene Products and Services. We offer full service on a variety of products to cater to your organization's sanitary needs:

  • Complete line of paper products – Hand towel, Toilet Paper, Industrial wipers
  • Dispensers – Hand Towel (centre pull), Toilet Paper (Twin style), Hand Soap (push lever, touch free)
  • Air Fresheners – fan driven with a variety of scents available
  • Hand Sanitizer – wall mount or stand mount Purell’s Touch-Free foam unit
  • Urinal Deodorizer/Sanitizer Unit – sanitary, odour-free and clean plumbing
  • Fresh Seat – foam dispense to clean toilet seat in seconds - safer, cleaner

A Universal Services Customer Service Representative will visit your business on a regular schedule to service all your restroom and hygiene-related needs. We will monitor each washroom, kitchen, office, plant, hallway area to ensure that sufficient product is in each of your dispensers. We will refill, with fresh product, any dispenser as it gets low.

The benefits of using Universal Services Restroom and Hygiene Service includes:

  • Use of high-quality products you & your customers will appreciate
  • No inventory investment
  • Low investment service rates
  • Controlled product dispensing which minimizes waste and mess
  • Convenient, friendly service visits
  • Replacement with fresh, clean restroom & hygiene products
  • Regular monitoring ensures all units are working efficiently
  • Professional cleaning and sanitizing
  • Choice of fragrances/scents

With Universal Services Restroom and Hygiene Products and Service, you and your customers will enjoy the benefit of the best hand-care products available, coupled with the unsurpassed service and professionalism of Universal Services. Check out some of our quality products.

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