Linen Services


Protecting People and Places

Universal Services provides a linen exchange service which will cover a variety of your businesses daily linen needs. Our linen service allows you to exchange soiled linens for fresh ones every one or two weeks, according to your needs. With Universal Services' Linen Service, you'll never have to worry about laundering your linens, which will always look and smell clean and fresh. Universal Services is pleased to offer you the following linens:

Aprons: Our white, bib-style aprons are made of 100% polyester which resists wrinkles and repels water-borne stains.

Bar Mops: Generally used to clean counters, bar top counters, tables, and food preparation areas, our white bar mops are 17"x 20", 100% cotton terri cloth towels. 

Dish Cloths: Composed of 100% natural cotton, these dish cloths measure 14"x 14" and are ideal for washing up dishes and cleaning counter tops in kitchens and food preparation areas.

Bath Towels: These white, 100% cotton terry cloth towels are available in two sizes: 16"x 27" and 22"x 44". Smaller sizes are great for wiping down gym equipment while the larger sizes are well-suited for use by customers wanting to dry off from showering or swimming.

By taking advantage of Universal's linen service, our clients are reusing high-quality products rather than discarding them once dirty. You can promote environmentally-friendly practices while increasing your convenience - it's a win-win situation!

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