Protecting People and Places

Customizable Uniforms and Work Apparel

You've worked hard to create a distinctive image and your management and staff apparel is an important aspect of your corporate brand. That's the philosophy behind Universal's Image Apparel program. Universal Services is well-equipped to serve as your supplier of high-quality customized uniforms, work apparel and coordinated accessories that will enhance your company's image with their professional design and premium quality.  You can also boost employee morale by supplying them with comfortable and professional uniforms and work wear from Universal Services. Many different kinds of companies, from small to large, wear uniforms and work apparel supplied by Universal Services.

Embroidery and Customization

Nearly all our garments can be embroidered, monogrammed, or silk-screened. Universal will customize your apparel with your company name or logo and even add the individual employee's names. We can duplicate your logo or design with hi-fidelity, using a broad selection of colors. Ask our customer service representative for more information.

Express Link

Because you need your orders right away, Universal Apparel offers Express Link. This computer-driven, quick-response system connects you to our customer service department so that we can expedite your order. Contact us to receive more information on how Express Link can more efficiently fulfill your apparel and uniform needs.

Rent Versus Own

Universal Services offers two distinct Uniform Services. Each has its own investment and payback. Which is right for you? Contact your Universal Services customer representative to discuss your options and make the decision that is right for your situation.

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