Premium Solid Color


You don't need to sacrifice beauty for utility - protect your floors from damaging dirt and water with Universal's stylish Premium Solid Colour mats.

Premium Solid Colour mats are built specifically for trapping dirt and water. These durable and versatile mats feature the following:

  •  Solution-dyed nylon fibres: solution-dyed nylon (SDN) fibres are dyed when the fibre is still in the molten state - so the dye goes all the way through. This means that Premium Solid Colour mats will resist fading and bleaching longer than conventional floor mats.
  • Crush-resistant pile: enables Premium Solid Colour mats to trap more dirt and water than conventional mats. This feature also makes our mats more comfortable and durable than conventional mats.
  • Nitrile rubber backing: features a slip-resistant surface which improves safety and resists oil and grease.
  • Vibrant Colours: Premium Solid Colour mats are available in a variety of vibrant colours to suit every need.
  • Customizable: we can also personalize your mats with your company's logo or another message or graphic that you would like.

Placing Solid Colour Mats at all doors, entrances and high-traffic areas will provide optimal safety and protection.


Design: Larkin & Company