Custom & Logo


Make a lasting impression by using Universal's graphic image mats in high-traffic areas such as entrances, lobbies, reception areas and service counters. Universal’s Custom & Logo mats.are a great way to enhance and complete your corporate identity program.

Universal's custom logo mats allow you to protect your premises while communicating important information to your customers and employees. Create personalized designs to suit your specific needs. With a wide variety of styles, textures and colours to choose from, you can customize almost everything about the final product. The potential uses of Universal's custom logo mats are limited only by the imagination. Here are just a few common ways you can use Universal's custom logo mats:

  • Corporate Logo Mats: Protect your investment and advertise your brand identity at the same time. Increase the recognition of your brand with professional-looking corporate logo mats.
  • Welcome Mats: Customers appreciate feeling welcomed. For instance, 91% of shoppers decide to shop at a given store because of its appearance. You can make your customers feel welcome and appreciated by placing customized welcome mats at each of the entrances to your premises. Customers will be greeted very time they walk through your door.
  • Safety Mats: Every business owner knows the importance of safety for customers and employees. Our safety mats, customized with safety-conscious slogans or reminders, are a key part of promoting a safer environment for everybody.
  • Space / Directional Mats: Use graphical symbols on your mats to help customers to identify functional areas on your premises or provide direction to key areas such as washrooms or services areas.

All of Universal's custom logo mats are made with durable 100% Solution Dyed nylon yarn and 100% nitrile rubber backing. Nylon fibres are designed to be crush-resistant and to hold more dirt, dust and water while the nitrile rubber backing resists slipping, chemicals, grease and oil. You can choose between two high quality mat formats, according to preference: 

  • Graphic Tuft ™ Mats: combine the ancient art of tapestry with precise modern technology to reproduce beautiful decorative designs onto durable, washable mats. These mats feature 100% solution-dyed fibres for years of colourfast wear. With Universal's Graphic Tuft ™ mats, you can choose up to six vibrant colours per design from a generous 32 colour array.
  • Jet Print ™ Mats: put the stylish effects of Universal's Jet Print ™ floor mats to work for you! Produce virtually any design with intricate detail using a range of 27 standard colours that are injected deep into the nylon pile. Computer-controlled jet printing allows a virtually unlimited combination of colours.


Classic Impressions HD Logo Mats feature the first true photographic quality images for carpeted mats. The photographic quality images are produced using a 4 color process that creates unlimited colors with more than 10 times the resolution of competitive mats. HD Logo Mats are permanently printed on a plush nylon carpet top using Perma-Dye™ and StainStopper™ technologies and backed with 100% nitrile rubber. These mats are ideal for high traffic, indoor applications.

Design: Larkin & Company