Scraper Mats


The First Line of Defense

Scraper mats are your first line of defense against dirt, grease, bacteria, oil, chemicals and other elements such as water, snow and slush tracked in from outside, making them the best form of floor protection for demanding areas and weather conditions. Universal's scraper mats are high-quality, durable, all-rubber mats designed for use in high-traffic areas to catch soil and heavier debris from shoes or spills. Featuring a cleated surface made from 100% nitrile rubber, these washable scraper mats are skid and slip resistant, resist damage by chemicals, grease and oil and are easily cleaned. Our scraper mats include unique molded cleats that scrape shoes clean while recessed containment borders trap and hold contaminants until the mat is cleaned.

Place Universal's scraper mats at all entrances, wherever spills need to be contained or where traffic flows from a heavy soil to a light soil environment, such as a lobby or reception area. These comfortable, shock absorbent mats can also serve as anti-fatigue mats in and around work areas - simultaneously containing dirt and promoting comfort! Versatile scraper mats will function equally well in commercial and industrial areas such as offices and warehouses and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Scraper Mats & Carpet Mats Together

The Full Cleaning Combination

Using our scraper mats in conjunction with our carpeted mats will provide optimal floor protection for your business. For tips on how to strategically place mats on your premises to provide optimal protection, check out our Product Placement and Service Guide.

With high quality, attractive and durable floor mats and convenient, professional mat cleaning and exchange service, Universal Services can help you keep your premises free from dirt, dust and water at a fraction of the cost and hassle of doing this work yourself. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business.

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