Kitchen Matting


Be Safe Wherever It's Wet

High-traffic wet areas like kitchens and industrial areas require special attention to ensure safety and a clean environment.

Universal's industrial kitchen mats pass the GSA commercial anti-static guidelines and meet the guidelines of the ADA. These high-quality mats resist damage and yet are also convenient to handle, move and clean. Featuring a low profile, 100% nitrile rubber construction, Universal's industrial kitchen mats resist grease, chemicals and oil and can easily accommodate cart traffic. Our industrial kitchen mats are the best choice for anywhere you are concerned about the following:

  • Slips: Promote comfort, hygiene and protect against slips in kitchens, spas, decks, bars, locker-rooms, washrooms or wherever wet. slippery floors are a possibility. The molded, cleated surface and drainage holes will channel away water and spills and enhance traction and your peace of mind!
  • Bacteria: These versatile mats feature an EPA registered anti-bacterial agent that inhibits micro-organisms such as E. coli and staphylococcus arreus, thereby promoting a sanitary mat surface. This anti-bacterial agent will not rub off or stain, and withstands industrial washing.
  • Fatigue: Universal's industrial kitchen mats feature a closed-cell rubber sponge construction which can enhance comfort and reduce fatigue. This makes these mats ideal for kitchens, service areas, bars or wherever employees or clients must stand for extended periods.

All of these features make Universal's industrial kitchen mats the clear mat choice for demanding environments.

Design: Larkin & Company