Anti-Fatigue Mats


Improve Safety, Productivity and Employee Comfort

Our scraper and industrial kitchen mats also double as anti-fatigue mats. In addition to trapping dirt and water, and reducing slips and bacteria, our scraper and industrial kitchen mats can also help your staff to feel more comfortable while they work. These durable, high quality mats are resistant to damage and yet are also convenient to handle, move and clean. All our anti-fatigue mats feature 100% nitrile rubber construction, making them resistant to grease, chemicals and oil. Our scraper and industrial kitchen mats are the best type of floor protection for kitchens, bars, warehouses, spas, or any other demanding environment that requires water and dirt control, slip prevention and / or a comfortable standing area for customers or employees.

If you're interested in an anti-fatigue mat, you can choose from two options, according to your specific needs:

  • Scraper-style mat - your first line of defense against dirt and water
  • Industrial Kitchen-style mat - for demanding or wet environments where slips and / or hygiene are important concerns

Design: Larkin & Company